Farmers market in the Bitterroot Valley

of Western Montana

There's something about homemade cinnamon rolls. The kind smothered in gooey caramel and nuts that are so messy to eat you end up sucking sugar off your fingers like a toddler. I've got a weakness for baked sweets anyway and now I've got a Saturday morning habit Hamilton Farmer's Market.

My routine goes something like this:

I ride my bike seven blocks down to the market at about 10 a.m. I lean it against a tree and head over to the coffee stand, which is usually about three booths down from my friends, Paul and Laura of , who run Homestead Organics farm just outside of town. I say hello to them and then with mug in hand I press on.


Once I get a cup of organic coffee from the Olde Mill Coffee stand, I head over to the Spicy Wives baked goods stand and satisfy my week-long hunger with a sticky cinnamon roll.

Farmers market in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

This routine may seem homely and simple, but it is the finest part of living in a small community. At the Farmer's Market, local people support local farmers, bakers and craftsmen. Friends and neighbors get a chance to rub elbows with tourists and visitors. No one is getting rich, but everyone is playing a role in the community they value and support.

Farmers market in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

It's also a place to catch up on the latest gossip or say hello to people you haven't seen for a week or maybe a year. During the summer in the Bitterroot Valley, the Hamilton Farmer's Market is arguably the biggest social event going. You can get flowers for your garden, veggies for the week, ceramic, emu soap or a bag of tortilla shells. The political parties show up as well. And on any given Saturday you can ask your local representative a question or learn about new candidates.

Farmers market in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

Two other communities in the valley have Farmer's Markets: Darby and Stevensville.

Life in the Bitterroot Valley is still centered on community. It's still a place where kids play on neighborhood streets and neighbors barbecue on Friday nights. Places like the grocery store, the Farmer's Market and the library are still gathering grounds.

Farmers market in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

So whether you're visiting or just moved to the valley, enjoy small-town Montana and visit the local Farmer's Market. The Hamilton Farmer's Market opens at 9 and closes down about 12:30. They always have music and are open rain or shine.

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